We present you the youngest member of BOF : Schnuffi. He's the next bigwave- rider for sure. No more Laird, Schnuffi is the one. The first man surfing North-Shore with a "Werder" jersey. Most BOF support "Werder Bremen"!


All the pictures of BOF-
history are in our new gallery. Over 25 years of great events.
Surfing in Califormia to the Olympic games in Athens. Chilling in
Andernos-les-Bains or singing in Enger /
Eastwestfalia... History


Chillmasters new board: smaller, faster, lighter. After the "Pukas" and the malibu "Watercooled", Chilly completes his collection. Next step is a 12ft longboard. Soon all informations about our surf- and skimboards.


March 8 :
Tiflo down the hills like Franz Klammer, really impressive... Thanx a lot to her personal coach,
the non-bof-member Schrödi. More pictures in the "History"-area.


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